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San Jose Psychiatric Care Programs

Inpatient Psychiatric & Rehabilitation Program in San Jose

At National Psychiatric Care and Rehabilitation Services, we offer a short-term treatment plan to adults who are struggling with mental illness and co-occurring substance abuse. We make use of a service delivery module that embodies the doctrine of integrated Dual Disorders Treatment Program known as "Illness Management and Recovery."

At our San Jose inpatient psychiatric facility, we recognize that a strong sense of hope is an imperative part of recovery. It is possible and achievable to recover, and we can help you create and meet the goals that can help you along the way. We can provide the intervention that can help you break away from the cycle of addiction and suffering. Our team of board-certified psychiatrists is here to help you through a series of therapy sessions, assignments, and treatments, all set in a homey, relaxing environment.

Facets of Our Program

Our San Jose inpatient psychiatric care program is designed around using techniques that have been proven to work through empirical research. It focuses on promoting healing through a holistic approach, providing physical, social, emotional, and therapeutic outlets.

Residents can participate with the following activates during their stay:

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We can help you enhance your
mind-body-spirit connectedness.

Share the Details of Your Situation

If you believe that either you or a loved one could benefit from the support of National Psychiatric Care and Rehabilitation Services, please reach out to our San Jose psychiatric and rehabilitation facility today. We would be happy to discuss your situation with you and give you any other information about our treatment plans and program.

Contact us at (408) 457-6284 today to speak to a member of our team - phones are answered 24/7.