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Frequently Asked Questions

About Our San Jose & Sacramento Psychiatric Facilities

We have answered some of the most common questions that our San Jose & Sacramento psychiatric teams get asked at National Psychiatric Care and Rehabilitation Services. If you have further inquiries, please contact us at any time.

  • Can my family or friends visit me during my stay at NPCRS?

    Yes. Family and loved ones are encouraged to come visit during our daily visiting hours. A release form must be signed by you for each visitor, and uninvited guests will not be let in without your consent.

    7 days a week:
    Lunch Visiting Hours: 11:30am - 1:00pm
    Dinner Visiting Hours: 6:30pm - 8:00pm

  • I have already been administered a PPD test, can you read the PPD results in your facility?

    No. We cannot read PPD results at any of the NPCRS facilities.
    You must have a negative PPD or a clear chest x-ray in order to be admitted to our program.
  • Can I drive myself or bring my car to your facility?

    No. NPCRS does not have long term parking available.
    You can either be driven by a friend or family member, a taxi, or in some cases we can arrange a pick-up from your current location. If you are coming from a hospital, ask about their available taxi voucher policy.
    If you are coming from a hospital or other residential program, we ask that you do not stop anywhere between the two facilities.
  • What will my daily schedule look like?

    See an example weekly schedule here.
  • Am I allowed to have a cellphone, laptop, or other electronic devices?

    Yes. You may bring your cellphone and other electronics. There are plugs available by each bed and free Wi-Fi available for our residents. We also have computers available for your use.
    Note: you will be responsible for keeping track of your belongings
  • What am I not allowed to bring to your facility?

    Once you arrive at our facility, your belongings will be searched and inventoried, for your protection.
    If a visitor brings you any items, the items must be inventoried as well.
    We do not allow any sharp objects such as razors or any alcohol based products.
    We have electric razors available for checkout.
  • I have a dietary restriction, will I be accommodated?

    Yes. All our meals and snacks are catered daily and any dietary restrictions or allergies will be accommodated.
  • Can I smoke cigarettes or electronic cigarettes at your facility?

    Yes. Our facility has a patio with designated smoking areas.
    If you would like help to quit smoking, ask our nurses for nicotine gum or patches.
  • Can I come and go from the facility during my stay there?

    No. NPCRS is not a locked facility, but you will not leave the facility during your stay except for our daily walks, during a pass, and for any important appointment.
    Our schedule incorporates daily walks and physical activities in which residents will leave the facility as a group.
    After 1 week, you may go on a 2 hour planned pass with a loved one. Passes will be planned ahead of time to not interfere with any groups or medication management, and we recommend that you do not go home during a pass.
  • Will nurses manage my medications?

    Yes. All your medications, including over-the-counter medications, will be held and administered by a nurse or med-aide during your stay. You will receive all your medications with instructions at the end of your stay.
  • Can I be admitted into the program as a private pay client?

    Yes. NPCRS also accepts private pay clients. For more information regarding questions regarding private pay fees and other program related questions please call the Program Director at (408) 457-6284 in San Jose or (408) 568-9834 in Sacramento.This is a confidential voicemail and your call will be returned within a 24 hour period.